Answered By: Krystal Woods
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Why meet with the IRB?
Whenever you conduct research affiliated with Saybrook University, or any research facility in the future for that matter, you will need to fill out an IRB application explaining your research, and the IRB will review the details of the research outlined in the application to ensure your study is conducted in a way that protects human participants.

IRB Reviews
At Saybrook, student researchers will have an opportunity to do a practice IRB application, in which only their instructor will be reviewing their application. For “real” IRB applications such as those for a pilot study or dissertation research, however, the student will be working with the IRB with the goal of constructing research that adds to a body of knowledge while protecting the well-being and rights of participants who consented to be a part of the research study.  

Before the IRB Process
Before a student can conduct dissertation research, they will need to form a dissertation committee. This is done by filling out a petition, aka a petition to form a dissertation committee (PTFDC), accomplished through the Mentor software available from the IRB page.